Towny Guide: Everything you need to know to make a town!

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Towny Guide: Everything you need to know to make a town!

Mon Jul 31, 2017 8:20 pm

Wether you are making a medieval themed town, or a modern themed town. You still need to know how to manage your town properly, know all the commands to run the town smoothly, and make all of your residents happy! This guide is going to break down the Towny Process step-by-step to help you make your town the best it can be! I will first explain in-depth what behind the scenes needs to be done to make your town, then list the commands after each Topic is covered. Lets begin!

How To Start Your Town/How to set Town Spawn:
No matter what style or how you run your town, to make it still costs you rennies (In-Game Currency). Total cost to make a town is 500r for a base pay, and you are then taxed 30r a day for the town to stay a town. After you have created your town you now have the ability to claim plots and land to make your town bigger! Each plot you claim is 16X16 from Bedrock to Sky! This gives you the opportunity to make mines or skyscrapers, the sky's the limit!

Now you have your town set and you have a perfect building or garden that you want your residents to spawn in every time they come to your new founded town. But you have no idea how to get people to teleport there when they do /town spawn. Well fortunately the Towny Plugin has just what you need. Giving you the ability to set your town spawn wherever you please within your towns claims! Perfect right?

Commands Used:
/Town new (Name)
/Town Claim
/Town set homeblock (make sure you're standing where you want your residents to spawn)
/Town Buy Bonus (#) (this is if you don't have enough residents to claim land)

Commands to use in Town Plots:
Now that you have created your town you are now able to do WHATEVER you want within your plot ( As long as you abide to server rules). You are now able to turn on different plot types, these include: Shop, Embassy, Normal Arena, and Wilds.

Shop Plots:
Shop plots are basically plots you can use to make shops on, this will let your new residents know that the plot they are standing on is where they are able to get certain resources and items that will make their game play much easier. Also if you are very particular on what you want your town to be, you can then organize your shopping districts, residential districts, embassies, ETC. This will also show great organization in your town, possibly giving you an advantage to have a larger town!

Commands Used:
/plot set Shop

Normal Plots:
Normal plots or as I like to call them, "residential" plots. Are plots where your town residents are able to build their houses, gardens, huts, churches, oh my! With these plots your residents are given the freedom and space they need to make their experience in your town the best it can be! This gives your residents freedom to express themselves through their builds.

Commands Used:
/plot set Normal

Embassy Plots:
This plot enables you to have players from different towns, or players who aren't even in towns that don't want to be, able to have a plot in your town that they are able to build on. This is great for building player relations throughout the Renmx sever! It also opens up great opportunities to learn new things from other players players in the community!

Commands Used:
/plot set Embassy

Wild Plots:
Wild Plots are plots that you set so people can PVP and mobs can spawn. These areas of course are contradicting to claiming land but some people like to incorporate them in the middle of town for mob spawners and all that fun stuff! This plot is mainly of course, used for mobs spawners but be careful you can only have a certain amount of spawners in a certain block range!

Commands Used:
/plot set Wild

Arena Plots:
Arena plots are just plots where you can set arenas for certain events that you wan to have. The events you choose are completely up to you, wether you want to have a full out battle or just a meeting area, this plot basically is used to label the land.

Commands used:
/plot set Arena

How to Add /Remove Residents :
Now that your whole town is set up, it truly isn't a town until you have inhabitants! On Renmx there always is someone looking for new opportunities and land that they can build on, so asking around meeting new people is an essential thing to do to make your town successful. Residents also bring an interesting twist to the Towny Plugin. For you to claim more land you need to have residents, without residents you will either have to buy land through the server store, or just live with what small land piece you have. Again residents are ESSENTIAL for your towns survival. You also help boost the economy in your towns shop owners by bringing more and more people into town, reason being they all will need certain resources and your shops may have them! You can also set taxes to help keep your town from running out of money, the taxes are taken out of the players accounts automatically so there is no hassle! But make sure you set your taxes to a fair amount, residents are free to leave whenever they feel they need to!

Unfortunately there are some residents/players that you may add to your town that have a negative impact and you no longer want to deal with them, or you have had certain complaints of the resident that makes you remove them. Or it could just be an inactive resident that takes up too much space and you need space for your new residents. BUT BEWARE! Removing residents will lowers the land amount you can claim! Adding residents is more beneficial than removing!

Commands Used:
/town add (Player Name)
/town Remove (Player Name)

Resident Ranks:
Another interesting thing about the Towny Plugin, is that when you add residents and they become very helpful with the town. Wether they make a lot of farms for the town, buildings, shops, depositing large sums of money into the town bank, ETC. You can then rank them up in your town if you start to trust them enough. Ranks you can give vary from what they can do. Each rank has it's own special perks that can either be helpful or harmful to your town. You must be careful with whom you trust, because there could be times when you thought someone was trustworthy and they end up taken all the money from your town bank! Ranks and their perks are listed below:

Resident Default Rank: For town members, ability to build, buy and build in plots, deposit cash to town bank

Recruiter: Same as resident but can also invite new players to your town

Commands Used:
/town rank add (player name) Recruiter

Helper: Same as recruiter but can also claim land for the town, toggle town private/public and control plots

Commands Used:
/town rank add (player name) Helper

Assistant: Same as helper but can also withdraw funds from the town bank

Commands Used:
/town rank add (player name) Assistant

CoMayor: Everything a Mayor can do including the joining and leaving of nations

Commands Used:
/town rank add (player name) CoMayor

How to Delete Your Town:
Now say that this whole towny thing wasn't your style, you don't want to spend the money, you don't like the responsibility, ETC. Fortunately for you there is a way that you can remove your town, but unfortunately your buildings and any unlocked chests will be open to the wild and are at risk of being griefed or you could lose items from your chests. (Of course grief can be reported by doing /report (description) or by finding a staff member). But it just is a lot of hassling. You also have the option to give the town up and give someone else in your town or wherever that you see fit for the position. All of this leads down to one major thing. DONT FORGET YOUR MONEY!!!! When you delete the town or give it up, don't forget your hard earned Rennies! Rennies are great to buy shiny things! It would be really sad if you forgot your hard earned money in your bank and then deleted your town and you lost it all!

Commands Used:
/town delete
/town rank add (player name) Mayor

Thankfully, _Pri has made it so the money from your personal account is taken out for town taxes. So there really isn't a reason for your Towns Bank, unless you store money in there for a rainy day. Which is what we have been seeing more and more as new towns and old towns learn Towny!

All Towny Commands:
/town new <name> Create a town at your current location (Costs R500)
/town delete Delete your town, remember to withdraw your money from the towns bank first though
/town spawn Teleport yourself to your town (also works for your residents)
/town deposit <#> Deposit money into your town to pay for its daily tax (R30) and to claim land with
/town withdraw <#> Withdraw money from your town into your personal wallet
/town claim Claim more area for your town, you can claim 64 chunks for each resident of your town
/town claim auto Claim more area for your town, as you walk around automatically
/town claim outpost Create an outpost to extend your towns reach across the whole world!
/town buy bonus <#> Buy extra claim plots for your town to expand (upto 300 can be bought)
/town outpost <#> Teleport to one of your outposts by number
/town add Invite a player to join your town
/town kick Kick a player from your town
/town set perm View the town wide permissions you can change (for outsiders, allies, friends etc)
/town set homeblock Change the centre of your town and the spawn location for your town
/town toggle View what options you can toggle within your town (TNT, Mobs, PVP etc)
/town rank add <name> <rank> Rank up one of your town residents (view ranks below)
/plot set <plot type> Set the chunk you’re standing in to a plot for your residents to build in

I hope this was helpful to you and that your town my forever prosper! Good Luck, and see you in-game!

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