Ban Appeal

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Ban Appeal

Sat Jun 03, 2017 3:06 pm


Reason for being banned:

Appeal Statement:

To be perfectly frank, I do not believe that what I did was wrong.

I originally found out about this server from /r/admincraft and wanted to look at the implementation of various features by the developer. I saved the IP and forgot about it all until today, when I was looking through my list of servers and saw one I had not visited yet.

Upon joining, I read the rules and went through the spawn portal, only to be met with a dark screen and a ping of 300+ (I do believe it was higher). I attempted to run /rtp and other commands before disconnecting and reconnecting.

When reconnecting, I found myself in a village. Believing that I may have /rtp'd into someone's town, I did /t here (Check the console if you do not believe me) and then tried breaking a block of stone on the ground, triggering a honeypot.

The outcome of this does not really bother me, although I did not try to do something "with intent" of grief, but rather to determine what area I was in, but I did want to see what features you offered to your playerbase on here.

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Re: Ban Appeal

Sat Jun 03, 2017 3:52 pm

I have unbanned you. The area you teleported to the first time you used /rtp is our "honey town" it's an entire town setup to catch greifers. I do not believe you broke the block maliciously and I apologise for the floor being honeypotted, it is not meant to be and I will correct that immediately.

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