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Find Room by Pri

Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:33 pm
Find Room by Pri v1.1 (23rd November 2012)
(31.36 KiB) Downloaded 310 times

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New Feature in v1.1
  • Automatic self-updating
    To use this new feature all you need is to download wget from here simply unpack the wget folder and place it in to your plugins folder with the rest of your scripts. This script and all future scripts from me will then use wget to automatically update themselves. If you don't want to use this feature you can simply choose not to install wget and the script will still notify you of new versions how it always has in the past.
  • You may host this script as is.
  • You may alter the script however you want, but if you propagate your modified version I'd like you to share it publicly :) - If you don't that's cool too.
  • I reserve the right to deny you access to the Find Room API that the script uses if you abuse the API (Hacking, Overloading it etc)
Setup Difficulty: Easy
  • You must place the file in your Metis Plugins folder & edit your mxc.xml to add the line <include file=""/>
How do I upgrade from an old version?
  • Simply replace the old file with the new one from the top of this post, then restart your bot. Alternatively if you don't want to restart your bot you can enter /mxc load in your bots main chat window, this will make it reload all your plugins without restarting.
Requirements: Features:
  • Can download future updates of itself when it detects wget in your plugins folder New! - v1.1
  • Provides the most exhaustive roomlist of any in-room listing software to date by utilising the roomlist service
  • Can search for rooms on WinMX without you needing to supply a text file of rooms
  • Can display the room title, user count, maximum user count, topic and server version in use
  • Supports unlimited results but is also configurable by Admins (Default maximum is 20 results)
  • Full customisation of output text, including sophisticated custom formatting (Read more below)
  • Can create its own database for settings
  • Can automatically notify you of new versions of the script
  • Enables you to set output of the script to Private (Only those who use command see results)
  • Supports Ouka, FXServer, WCS, RCS, RSWCS and ZCS out of the box
  • !FindRoom [Query] - Search for a room by name
  • !FindChan [Query] - Search for a room by name
  • !PublicFindRoom - Set the result output to the entire room
  • !PrivateFindRoom - Set the result output to only users who perform the query (Default is on)
  • !SetFindRoomColour [Number] - Set the menu colours to something other than the default Green (#c4#) to better fit your room
  • Question: I keep getting this error "unknown operator type readweb will default to +" what does it mean?
  • Answer: It means you have an older version of Metis installed. Please download version 2.8 of Metis from the top of this page.
  • ---
  • Question: I keep getting this message "</b>" what does it mean?
  • Answer: It means you have an older version of Metis installed. Please download version 2.8 of Metis from the top of this page.
  • ---
  • Question: I keep getting this message "<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC" what does it mean?
  • Answer: It means you have an older version of Metis installed. Please download version 2.8 of Metis from the top of this page.
Need to Know Stuff:
  • As above it requires version 2.8 of Metis. If you do not use 2.8 (Or a better version than 2.8) Then this script will not work at all.
  • I am happy to offer you 1 to 1 support in your room with this script if you need it, you can find me in the Renegades room on MX
  • This script creates a powerful customisation file in C:\Pri.Script.Dependences\Find.Room you can alter lots of things in this file including formats on menus, colours, variable placement and more
  • 23rd of November 2012: Support for automatic self-updating through the use of wget
  • 23rd of November 2012: New interface design to the update notifications for both self-downloads and announcements
  • 26th of May 2012: Fixed some minor user interface annoyances with some variables in the Customisation File
  • 26th of May 2012: Added support for all future Metis releases without needing to upgrade the script in the future
  • 26th of May 2012: Added new variable for the Customisation File [Room Count] which shows how many rooms are available. Erase your Room.Finder folder to have this new variable activated by default.
  • 15th of December 2011: First release v0.1a
Thanks Testers:
  • Jackaroo from "Aussie Chillout"
Past Release:
Find Room by Pri v1.0 (26th May 2012)
(29.75 KiB) Downloaded 246 times
Find Room by Pri v0.1a (15th December 2011)
(24.48 KiB) Downloaded 359 times
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Re: Find Room by Pri

Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:36 pm

Just to follow this up with the customisation file and how it works:

When you run this script it will create a file called Customisation.Settings.File.ini in the folder C:\Pri.Script.Dependencies\Find.Room

If you open this file in Notepad you should see the following:

Code: Select all

### This is the Find Room settings file, you can customise many aspects of the Find Room Script from here ###
### Using this file is simple, Just change the output text to what you want, you can use colour codes too! ###

### Change these formats below to alter how things appear in-room, Changes happen as soon as you save this file ###

Beginning of Results Message: #c4#Searching for rooms based on your query#c63#: #c62#[Search Query]
Room Listing Format: #c4# · #c1#[Room Name] #c63#|#c62# [User Count]#c63#/#c62#[Maximum Users] #c63#|#c1# [Server Version]
No Rooms Found Format: #c4#[Find Room Name/Version] #c1#I'm sorry no rooms matching your query were found.
End of Results Message: #c4#You received #c62#[Result Number] #c4#Result[s]

### Basic Variable Changes below ###

Maximum Amount of Results to show: 20

### You can use any of these variables below in your custom formats ###

- [Room Name] [User Count] [Maximum Users] [Room Topic] [Server Version] [Result Number] [Search Query]

### The variable [Server Version] may not always output a server due to some rooms running in offline mode ###
You can change a lot of different things in this file simply by copy and pasting things you can create your own formats. If you need any help with this don't hesitate to contact me.
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Posts: 5301
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Re: Find Room by Pri

Fri Nov 23, 2012 3:38 am

I just wanted to update this thread with some information about the automatic updating feature I rolled out today with this script.

This is basically a proof of concept update to see if I can deliver a script which can keep itself up to date without the owners of the chat room needing to do anything.

The reason I'm trying to do this is because one of the reasons I don't update my scripts so frequently is that I don't want to nag room owners. Every time I push a new version of one of my scripts they see a notification in their chat room and they have to come to the relevant script page, download the file, place it in the correct folder and then reload or restart their bot. If I was rapidly reiterating on my scripts like I want to these update procedures would become tiresome and room owners would not want to use my software any more.

So by doing these updates automatically I'm hoping to add new features and push out other software that requires frequent updates. It also enables me to more easily test new scripts and raw ideas because my group of test subjects will get the latest versions of things for testing as-well.

Now of course there are some security implications with having scripts that can update themselves. What if for example you do not trust me to always release scripts that have your best interests at heart. You may decide you don't want scripts that can update themselves with code you can't check before it is run by your bot and I fully support that perspective which is why instead of releasing a new Metis (v2.84) with binary download capability I have instead made wget.exe a requirement for this feature. So if you don't want your scripts automatically updating themselves simply don't install wget.exe in to your metis plugins folder and my scripts will not have the capability to update themselves automatically and instead will continue to prompt you (the owner of the bot) to download and update the scripts yourself.

As always my scripts are fully commented and do not use any kind of code obfuscation which means they are easy to read and understand. So if you want to integrate wget and automatic updating in to your own scripts you can merely take a look at my code and learn how to do it very quickly.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy these new developments.

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