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Asciidex by Pri

Thu Aug 26, 2010 7:41 am
Asciidex by Pri v1.0a (26th August 2010)
(33.46 KiB) Downloaded 365 times

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  • You may host this script as is.
  • You may alter the script however you want, but if you propagate your modified version I'd like you to share it publicly :) - If you don't that's cool too.
Setup Difficulty: Moderate
  • You must place the file in your Metis Plugins folder & edit your mxc.xml to add the line <include file=""/>
  • You must specify the folder where your art is stored after first running the script (Type !Pics to begin setup after install)
  • You must run a batch file that the script creates inside your Art Folder
How do I upgrade from an old version?
  • Simply replace the old file with the new one from the top of this post, then restart your bot. Alternatively if you don't want to restart your bot you can enter /mxc load in your bots main chat window, this will make it reload all your plugins without restarting.
Requirements: Features:
  • Script can create its own database for all it needs to run
  • Script can create a batch file for you to index all your Ascii Art with a single click
  • Supports both .txt and .ini art files without you needing to specify filetype
  • Supports Displaying, Browsing and Searching of your art
  • Supports up-to 1.99 Million separate art files of which each file can be unlimited in size
  • Supports colour customisation to better fit your room
  • Can automatically notify you of new versions of the script
  • Enables you to set output of the script to Private (Only those who use command see results)
  • Supports Ouka, FXServer, WCS, RCS, RSWCS and ZCS out of the box
  • Includes a Usergroup for you to lock the commands to only users you trust
Commands Included:
  • !Pic [Name] or [Number] - Display a picture
  • !Pics [Page #] - Browse the pages of your art
  • !FindPic [Query] - Search your Picture Index for a specific piece of art
  • !PrivateAsciidex - Set all the menus in the script to Private, All art will still show publically
  • !SetAsciidexColour [Number] - Set the menu colours to something other than the default Green (#c4#) to better fit your room
Need to Know Stuff:
  • As above it requires version 2.8 of Metis. If you do not use 2.8 (Or a better version than 2.8) Then this script will not work at all.
  • I am happy to offer you 1 to 1 support in your room with this script if you need it, you can find me in the Renegades room on MX
  • 26th of August 2010: Initial Release v0.1a
Thanks Testers:
  • Wavparty from "LATENight Movies"
  • Shakey from "Angels Movie House"
  • Alice from "The Garden"
Past Release:
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Re: Asciidex by Pri

Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:17 am

Thanks again Pri :D

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