Ban Appeal

Post your support requests here including sightings of grief and unban requests
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Ban Appeal

Thu Jul 06, 2017 4:36 pm


Reason for being banned:
Unintentionally breaking a honeypot block.

Appeal Statement:
My friend (PickleCake10) told me to /tpa to him because he had diamonds for me. upon arrival i see a bunch of diamond blocks and he says "take as many as you would like." i went to go mine one (i thought they were his) and i was auto banned. I have only been on the server for approximately 5 hours. I had no knowledge of the honey block thing. My friend GalaxyGamerX has explained the rules.
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Re: Ban Appeal

Thu Jul 06, 2017 9:46 pm

Griefing is not allowed under any circumstances on RenMX, so you always have to make sure that you're not destroying something that belongs to other players. As this is your first ban, I'll unban you, but please be more careful and familiarize yourself with our rules on before re-joining to prevent this from happening again.

You have been unbanned.

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