In regardless to the rule about unlocked chests being fair game.....

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In regardless to the rule about unlocked chests being fair game.....

Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:22 am

I have a concern about the above mentioned rule. I'm well aware that as the rule states "Please note stealing from an unprotected chest, furnace or hopper (one you can get to without griefing) is allowed.", however a statement made by a member in chat while I was on the survival server has raised some concerns in my mind. A member who shall remain nameless said they were going quote "noob chest hunting" end quote. Not knowing what they meant I asked them about it, and it turns out they were specifically going to be searching out and looting unprotected chests on other peoples builds. I learned about making sure my chests are locked the hard way myself, and as such all of the chests on my build are locked. If a player happens to stumble across an unlocked chest that's one thing, but the fact that people are actively seeking out unlocked chests on other ppl's builds and taking advantage of them not being locked due to the build owners ignorance or forgetfulness just isn't right. It may be OK according to the rules as they currently are, but it's most certainly wrong morally.
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Re: In regardless to the rule about unlocked chests being fair game.....

Fri Aug 11, 2017 11:48 am

Until Pri or another member of staff changes the rules, you should just accept them and move on. The reason why players are allowed to take from chests is to entice other players to protect their items. New and existing players should be aware of the rules before they embark on the server and should know (through the spawn's helpful tutorial section) that their chests can and should be protected for the safety of their own items. You would question someone purposely leaving their house unlocked and then acting confused when they find that their belongings have been taken, so why is it any different on our server? If a player truly cared about their items then they would make a conscious effort to enforce that they cannot be stolen from. If items are taken then it is wholly the owner's responsibility and fault does not lie with whomever takes items.

Agreed, taking things from unprotected chests isn't the most moral thing to do, but you have to question the actions of the people that leave their items unprotected. The server has existed for 5+ years and there have been thousands of players that have moved on - only a tiny handful of people have stayed active to this date. There lay hundreds (even thousands) of player builds that haven't been touched in over a year. I, personally, follow my own rule of only taking from chests that belong to whom that are inactive (with a few exceptions).

Speaking from personal experience, if I ever move on with minecraft then I would actually prefer other players to use my items that I had obtained as opposed to them wasting away in a chest.
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Re: In regardless to the rule about unlocked chests being fair game.....

Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:23 pm

Thank you for raising your concerns nAugrim.

I do agree that morally it's wrong to take things that aren't yours and I would personally prefer a rule that said, don't take from peoples chests under any circumstances. But unfortunately we don't live in a world where people follow rules.

The reason we have this rule is because people do steal from chests and they do it so much it creates a big burden on the staff having to constantly roll chests back. And if we did have a rule against looting unprotected chests it will make some players decide not to protect their chests which further exacerbates the problem.

It is for this reason we made the looting of unprotected chests a rule, it incentivises players to protect their things and thus reduces the workload on staff. You may have noticed since you have been online recently that there is not as many active staff members as there used to be so everything we can do to reduce the burden on the small amount of active staff we do have the better.

I hope this goes a way to explaining, again I wish we didn't need to have this rule and everyone played fairly but that's not how things are unfortunately.

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