The Economy

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The Economy

Fri Aug 04, 2017 8:04 am

In order for an economy to be stable, the total money going in, should equal the total money being removed, from the system. Currently, according to the stats on, we appear to be averaging around 16 votes per day. If we presume that those voting here are voting on the other two websites too, 450*16=7200r goes into the economy everyday. This is over 2.6 million per year if we extrapolate. Note that this is not even including payme. Presumably we don't want to decrease the money given for votes or payme.
The main money drains are admin shop and /bet. However the largest drain was from the sale of 10 special pickaxes, draining 1.5 million. It is probably not ideal to have a single event every year to rebalance the economy as this can cause instability.
Therefore we need more ways to drain money from the economy. I personally recommend having more abilities available to purchase from the admin shop similar to mining boosts, repairs, tree lopping and fly. For example there could be a way to purchase the ability to have pets rather than making it fully dependent on rank. The same thing could apply for hats. Maybe also permanent tree lopping?
I'd also suggest adding a way to purchase /flyspeed in a way that it isn't overpowered.
For example, presuming /flyspeed 1 is the default speed, it could be available to purchase increases in increments of 0.2 up to a cap of 3? (These are just speculative figures) (I don't know if you can have decimals in flyspeed)

In this case ^ The cost of upgrading the max cap should grow exponentially so both players with little money and players with lots, contribute to the money drain, I think starting at 500r and then doubling every increment, making it cost 256k for the last increase and around 512k in total for flyspeed 3, might work.
These are just my suggestions.
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Re: The Economy

Fri Aug 04, 2017 5:02 pm

There is also R6,810 taken out of the economy every day from Towny. Due to towns/nations. There's also a few thousand removed from people buying things on the Admin shop.

Personally I think the economy is quite well balanced, we usually do more than just one special item on the Admin shop per year. We've already done two this year. Also the betting, when people bet, their entire bet amount doesn't enter the jackpot. It starts off 1:1 but once it goes over like 25K or 50K it goes to 1/2 then 1/3 then 1/4th etc

We've got a lot of ways to remove money but if someone is determined to hoard wealth they can do it (just like in reality).

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