Is it possible to cripple RenMX's economy?

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Is it possible to cripple RenMX's economy?

Tue Jan 24, 2017 1:10 pm

DISCLAIMER: Don't try to exploit the economy because of this post. You might/will be punished by staff as they see fit. Thanks and have a good day :D

Preface: For quite some time it has perplexed me, is it possible to cripple RenMX's economy without the use of exploits/bugs? though to really understand this question, we must break down how RenMX's economy works.

Part I - Introduction: For any economy to be successful there, at a very basic level, is a need for money to be introduced into the economy, and money to be removed from the economy. Over the years Pri has been developing the economy he has been very conscious to make sure there is never an imbalance between the two. If there is too much money introduced into the economy, you will start to observe rapid inflation, and if not enough money is removed from economy, you will see the same occur. However, if the opposite occurs, the economy starts to grow stale, as the same amount of money is tossed around and transferred from person to person.

Money-Sinks: Money-Sinks on RenMX are designed to ensure that money is removed from the economy. Two notable Money-Sinks are the jackpot, and Towny taxes. Both of these custom features on RenMX ensure that money is steadily removed from the economy, and they have both shown to be extremely effective at doing so.

Money-Makers: Money-Makers on RenMX are defined as features that are designed to introduce new money into the economy. Notable "Money-Makers" are voting, referrals, and payme. All of these features give players new money (for just being on, or doing an action outside of the game, they are given money from the server, not from another player)

Part II - Supply & Demand: Once you have ensured the flow of money into and out of the economy is consistent and healthy, you start to explore how to make players want to spend/save their money, and you do this through features/plugins which leverage Supply & Demand. Additionally, the Supply & Demand features of an economy are what will usually engage players (like me), and make them want to invest time into custom features on RenMX such as auctions, and the custom online shop.

Auctions: The holy grail of supply & demand based systems. Auctions on RenMX are driven by player supply, and are controlled by player demand. This makes auctions very attractive to those who are willing to build farms and price their produce and farmed goods correctly. Additionally, based on the prices of goods on auctions, you can usually tell how the health of the economy is (if Diamonds are selling for R10 a stack, and you get R100 per day from voting, that's not a good sign).

Web Shop: This feature of RenMX isn't as "supply & demand" based as auctions, but thanks to ingenious coding by Pri, it does reflect demand. It does this through investments, and variable pricing - meaning that prices can go down as demand goes down, or go up if demand goes up.

Part III - How do I break it?: Well, you might be asking yourself "Great Jack, you've explained how the economy, basically, works. But how can I break it and make myself billions of rennies?" and the answer to that question is complicated. For starters, to break it, you need to find a way to break a money-maker, or find a loophole in the supply & demand system. Both of these things are very hard to do, especially without exploiting (which will result in a ban/punishment).

Safe Guards: One place many people might look when trying to get lots of money quickly, or de-stabalize the economy is farmed goods. And while this isn't too bad of an idea, Pri has put in place MANY defenses to ensure you can't build some over-powered farm that'll crash the server and bring down the economy. Including the fact he has limited spawn farms to 8 spawners per chunk, and limited the mobs that can exist in a chunk, and mobs that can be in your view distance, he also has in place settings via Spigot (which are hard to figure out).

Security: Let's say that instead of going for farmed goods, you aim for a web based feature, like the ACP or Referrals. The issue with targetting both of those, is that you'll most likely never be successful. If you want to attack referrals, and refer 10000 players, or fake accounts, you most likely won't be able to get them to log into the server, as Pri has ensured that you can't refer someone that logs on from your home IP. Additionally, Pri also has a custom feature that blocks VPNs, so there won't be any luck there.

ACP: The ACP, or admin control panel, is a custom feature Pri built to assist moderators and staff in moderating the server, even when they aren't in game. Pri from the start, knew that the ACP had to be ABSOLUTELY secure, so that no unwanted person could break into it, shutdown all the servers, give themselves money, etc. While I do not personally know what security the ACP has, I do know there are MANY factors of security & authentication, so you won't be getting in anytime soon.

Part IV - Jack, you're wrong, I've broken it: Well congratulations if you've found a way to break the economy, though if such a thing does happen (I have personally witnessed this happen in 2013 when someone found a way to get millions of Rennies, and pay people), Pri and the staff of the server will most likely investigate, and if they find you've used an exploit/bug you will be punished accordingly, so you'll get your five minutes of fame.

Conclusion: At the end of the day, trying to cripple/break RenMX's economy really isn't worth it. If you do break it, you'll most likely be investigated/punished, and have all of those SWEET, JUICY, illegal Rennies removed from you bank account. RIP.

Thanks for reading :)

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Re: Is it possible to cripple RenMX's economy?

Tue Jan 24, 2017 3:44 pm

both informative, and serving as a warning. loverly post, very well-put together! it's such a joy to read things that people put a bit of time and legitimate effort into. thanks for the info~
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Re: Is it possible to cripple RenMX's economy?

Tue Jan 24, 2017 8:57 pm

A good read
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Re: Is it possible to cripple RenMX's economy?

Fri May 05, 2017 3:04 pm

Nice post Jack! I like to keep a LOT of money in solid commodities myself... not money but items. This way I will be rich no matter what the economy looks like. I figure about 200K in liquid assets is a good wallet to play around with, and if I have more than that its time to spend, spend, spend. I think I've become a fat cat. :mrgreen:

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